Calling for Contributors…

At the moment, I’m looking for contributors from across the spectrum. You are most welcomed to apply. At the moment, there are two contributors, myself and a classmate. If you’re doing Syariah or Civil, it would also be great!


  • Currently an undergraduate or post-graduate student reading Law in Malaysia;
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to share experiences with the readers;
  • Prepared to learn and respecting the opinions of others;
  • Believes that you can make a difference.


Contributors, as the name imply, are required to regularly make entries on an area of law or student life of their choice. Due to statutory prohibitions, however, all posts are not to show sympathy towards any political parties – not even a slight hint.

When writing entries, you may write on the law as it is or the law as it ought to be. Be mindful that your piece does not enter the realms of politics. Tread carefully, or just don’t touch the issue, when you’re writing on religion, race and other sensitive issues. Above all, remember that you are writing Law for Law Students from a Law Student’s (your) perspective.

This is not a political blog. There are numerous others who caters for politics.


  1. Did you know, the more you share your knowledge, the better you become? Tested this theory and amazed with the results.
  2. You retain the rights over the materials you used – only the article as it is contributed will have it’s copyright attributed to the blog. Meaning, you can write on the same topic again, possibly with a different angle, in the future or for other works.
  3. Having your name here is cheap (if not free) publicity.

What are you waiting for?

If you feel that you are qualified, feel send an email to me now:


2 Responses to Calling for Contributors…

  1. chipmunk82 says:

    I really impress by your effort to establish a blog for law students. During my time it’s already there but the problems of continuation of blog and support form others especially among my batch (I graduated from UiTM law school. So, keep it up and as law teacher to-be, i’ll support it especially to increase the awareness among law students regarding their contribution to UiTM and society. Good work, well done!:)

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