Amping it up!

Well now perhaps some of you are wondering why, after such a long time, this blog, or rather “blawg”, should suddenly spring back up to life with a new look.

Truth be told this blog was originally set up for Malaysian law students to post and publish their legal musings online, but then the admin team had been rather M.I.A for a while, not lease because one of us has left the legal fraternity for good, and the other has had his time preoccupied with fixing a falling CGPA at his law school. That, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As from today, 14 May, 2009, the name of this blawg converts from “From a Law Student’s Desk” to “Reading Law” with a nifty tagline, All and sundry on Malaysia legally. From now on, you guys will have me, Alistaire (contactible at to posit any quiries. We are still looking for talented young people out there to help contribute an article or two. Our focus is on the viewpoints of the younger generation of not just law students, but also practitioners, and Malaysian (although we do not altogether rule out foreign) law. The blog also has a brand new look so as to brake from the past.

Some new articles should be up shortly. Till then this is your blog admin, Alistaire, signing off.


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