A lawyer files a RM160 million suit against the Bar Council

A practising lawyer has filed a RM160 million lawsuit against the Bar Council today for not allowing him to use their premises for the launch of his book, ‘Presumed Guilty’. He claims it violates Article 8 of the Federal Constitution violating his right to be treated equally.

His earlier work, ‘No Intention To Kill’, was in fact launched there last year, and from my own experiance doing practical work in the Shah Alam Court complex, was widely avaliable everywhere, including that complex. 

The Bar Council, according to the report by The Star newspaper, is investigating this work for possible conflicts with the Legal Profession (Publicity) Rules 2001, the Legal Profession (Practice and Etiquette) Rules 1978 and Bar Council Rules and Rulings 2008. 

I myself have not read his works, but seeing them made me think we might finally have our very own Malaysian John Grisham, something to be encouraged, not stifiled.

The full report is avaliable here.


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