Even Law Students can have a Life

Congratulations & Welcome to Law School!

Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed your foundation, diploma or STPM! And you have received the offer letter from the Law School you applied to!

If you survived the Orientation Week and met your seniors in many ways than one, you will start to hear the horror stories of Law School! And I’m not talking about the ghost at Level 13. The failure rate, lecturers who enjoy torturing with the innocent brains of young and helpless undergraduates like yourself. Maybe you’ve even earned that death stare yourself. Or at least your classmate. Ok.. Ok.. I’m exagerating a bit. But it’s always normal for seniors to hand down ‘how to tackle the lecturer’ tips and tricks.

After the 3rd week, work begins to flood your table. The lecturer wants you to read the cases and present them during the tutorials. Or even worse: the lecturer and tutor have no idea what each other is doing! And you know so well the price of not reading all those long, daunting, bombastic cases – public humiliation in front of your classmates. Yeah, the lecturer will not appear in leather and cracking a whip, but her comments and snide remarks is enough to burn through anything.

Where did all the lovey-dovey Law School image go?

When you’re overwhelmed with work, now you start to feel the weight of Law School. Gone were the image you had, which looked like a lost scene from Ella Enchanted.

Remember it’s Still University…

Don’t rob yourself of your recreational activities. If you’re into football or rugby, make time to play on the field at least every weekend. When reading the latest romance novel by Somefamous Novelist while sipping a nice warm cup of Milo is your thing, do it. Heck, if you enjoy PC games, why not!

As they say, if you work hard, make sure you play hard!

Watch your health. Yes, instant noodles can fill your tummy up – especially when your wallet and purse are dead from bleeding and there’s a draught in your bank account. Learn to cook vegetable. Buy up a stock for 3 days and cook. Nothing too fancy – as long as you can take it. You need carbohidrates, though you can try to avoid starch.

Learn to budget. Get rid of destructive expenses – yes, this includes that significant other who you cannot live without that’s demanding all your posessions be their’s. If you really want a partner, get someone who understands that you are a student. Don’t bother impressing them with gifts from the 1st day, coz the moment you do, you’re expected to – otherwise they think you don’t love them anymore.

If you can afford to set aside RM90 per month, sign up to go to gym. But there are many workout facilities you can access for free. A strong body paves way to a strong mind. Want to save cost, join a sports club on campus.

Learn to manage your emotions and mood. There are many sources you can refer to. A simple gesture such as praying can go a long way. If you know neurolinguistic programming (NLP), you can use it. No harm buying Adam Khoo’s I am Gifted, So Are You and Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny. Tony Buzan’s books are also great. You can always go up to a counsellor or a priest. Neither two can speak about what you confide in them by Law and by faith.

Whatever you indulge in, make sure it’s balanced out. Otherwise you’d end up in trouble some aspects in your life.


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