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Reading Law (formerly From the Law Student’s Desk) was set up on 14 February 2008 is an independent law blog or “blawg” with a focus on the law for those in the legal fraternity in Malaysia, from the POV of law students and young lawyers. The blog offers some tips on the law, studying the law, applying the law and, to a certain extent, debating the law.

Reading Law is a private initiative and not affiliated with any faculties or schools of law, or any grouping or association whatsoever.

Voluntary contributors are welcomed. Discussions and entries, however, must have a neutral tone and are subject to laws currently enforced within Malaysia. All content copyright is vested within the contributors and Reading Law subject to Malaysian interllectual property laws.

© 2008 – 2012 Reading Law. All Rights Reserved.


9 Responses to About Reading Law

  1. sofia azman says:

    hi…right now i’m taking foundation of law in uitm ,which mean i’m junior =)…because of you’re senior, so i thought maybe you can help me in my study???thanks 😉

  2. Alistaire says:

    Sure. Reading Law helps all Malaysian law students, especially UiTM law students 😉

    There is one catch though: Either commit to this blog as a regular contributor or promote this blog in campus and find us more writers.

  3. sofia azman says:

    ok…no problem (maybe..hehe)…thanks..by the way, nice blog =)

  4. L Denning says:

    i’m a 1st year law student in MU..over here, there is no such thing such as model answers or spot questions or handouts which obviously make it rather challenging for us to study n answering law question..honestly, i never saw a single model answer since i left uitm year ago..

    therefore, i would be so glad if u guys can come out with a standard law question of any subject ie. contract, tort etc. as well as the complete IRAC answer for our reference..even a single model answer will do..

    i know that the law question is dynamic n will never be similar..however, i juz seek to see how IRAC is employed technically..it would be such a big help for us, law students 🙂


  5. Alistaire says:

    We will study your request. Nice name by the way. 🙂

  6. Raymond Robston says:

    I need your guide on how to answer this question below. I help on the layout of the answer. Is entreprenurship here refer to the shareholders and company owner.


    Do you think that the Director’s duties set out in the company law in your country hinder entrepreneurship? Give reason for your opinion.




    • Raymond Chu says:

      Collectively, there is a lot of procedures and red-tapes imposed under local statutory laws and above all, a company’s portfolio is much reduced to a puppet subject to the influence of competitive pricing and etc. Income tax provisions are highly on the list and depending on the shares subscribed and operative capital, both direct and indirect, the list of subversive elements are endless and quite profound, just like beling on the road. There will always be hooligans, maniacs and the dare to die bunch to kamikaze the prospect of a better future or e-future of your ‘beholdings’.

      Yes, it is not only a thought but come to think of this, a reality undefined since the laws here can be quite unpredicatable and amendable when the favourites turn to be not so favourable anymore.

  7. Alistaire says:

    Well you would need to approach the question by first examining the scope and nature of the directors duties in question and their correlation to the bottom line of entrepreneurship that is, to make profit. What is meant by profit however is totally yours to define. Depending on your morality or ethical views, etc, you may or may not come to the conclusion that directors duties are a burden in terms of its effect on profit margins of businesses and that company directors would do better without them. Its up to you how you wish to argue. Hope this helps.

  8. nate says:

    hi..just a foundation-in-law student stopping by to sat thanks for this blog :))

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