Happy New Decade 2010s


Reading Law wishes all its readers a Happy 2010 as well as Happy New Decade 2010s. The ’00s showed a lot of legal changes on the Malaysian scene, and we hope to record the coming changes in this decade as well.



Calling for Contributors… Again!

This has been said before, but again we cannot stress enough how “understaffed” this law blog is, so please, those of you who visit, if you guys are law students, think about contributing as well.

The qualifications required to be had are not much. They are that you should be;

1. A law student or a young lawyer (fresh grads or practising for a few years);

2. Be willing to write quality articles and share your experiance;

3. Believe that you can make a difference.

You will be required to make regular contributions on everything there is to do involving law (after all this is all and sundry on Malaysia legally), but posts must be neutral. Neutral means not showing sympathies with any particular groups nor showing any ideological inclinations, and sticking with the facts.

If any of you are interested, please leave a reply in comments and we will get back to you. – Admin.

Amping it up!

Well now perhaps some of you are wondering why, after such a long time, this blog, or rather “blawg”, should suddenly spring back up to life with a new look.

Truth be told this blog was originally set up for Malaysian law students to post and publish their legal musings online, but then the admin team had been rather M.I.A for a while, not lease because one of us has left the legal fraternity for good, and the other has had his time preoccupied with fixing a falling CGPA at his law school. That, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As from today, 14 May, 2009, the name of this blawg converts from “From a Law Student’s Desk” to “Reading Law” with a nifty tagline, All and sundry on Malaysia legally. From now on, you guys will have me, Alistaire (contactible at fermanhadi@gmail.com) to posit any quiries. We are still looking for talented young people out there to help contribute an article or two. Our focus is on the viewpoints of the younger generation of not just law students, but also practitioners, and Malaysian (although we do not altogether rule out foreign) law. The blog also has a brand new look so as to brake from the past.

Some new articles should be up shortly. Till then this is your blog admin, Alistaire, signing off.

Calling for Contributors…

At the moment, I’m looking for contributors from across the spectrum. You are most welcomed to apply. At the moment, there are two contributors, myself and a classmate. If you’re doing Syariah or Civil, it would also be great!


  • Currently an undergraduate or post-graduate student reading Law in Malaysia;
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to share experiences with the readers;
  • Prepared to learn and respecting the opinions of others;
  • Believes that you can make a difference.


Contributors, as the name imply, are required to regularly make entries on an area of law or student life of their choice. Due to statutory prohibitions, however, all posts are not to show sympathy towards any political parties – not even a slight hint.

When writing entries, you may write on the law as it is or the law as it ought to be. Be mindful that your piece does not enter the realms of politics. Tread carefully, or just don’t touch the issue, when you’re writing on religion, race and other sensitive issues. Above all, remember that you are writing Law for Law Students from a Law Student’s (your) perspective.

This is not a political blog. There are numerous others who caters for politics.


  1. Did you know, the more you share your knowledge, the better you become? Tested this theory and amazed with the results.
  2. You retain the rights over the materials you used – only the article as it is contributed will have it’s copyright attributed to the blog. Meaning, you can write on the same topic again, possibly with a different angle, in the future or for other works.
  3. Having your name here is cheap (if not free) publicity.

What are you waiting for?

If you feel that you are qualified, feel send an email to me now: cramminus@yahoo.com

From the Law Student’s Desk

“What course are you talking?”

“I’m reading Law.”

“Wow! You must be pretty smart!”


The conversation above is pretty much a typical scenario you’d face, especially when you’re a law student. Society’s perception of lawyers are like how it was just after Merdeka. But back then, law schools were limited in Malaysia. The courses offered were LL.B. (Hons) U of London Exernal programmes – if any. Fast forward it to 2008, we have many universities and institutions of higher learning who offer their own Law degree or diploma. Some in the private sector still conduct external LL.B. (Hons) programme but sown to meet their needs. While the number of Law Students in Malaysia continue to increase, the stigma will hardly change.

Briefly about me. I’m a 2nd year Legal Studies undergraduate in Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia (UiTM). Before starting out in Shah Alam in July 2006, I did the UiTM Law Foundation (Pre-Law/PI005) in UiTM Kedah for 3 semesters. While I’ve never been on the Dean’s List before, this blog isn’t meant to parade my results or knowledge. On the contrary, this initiative is meant to share ideas and experiance among law students in Malaysia. That is why this blog will be written to cater for that very target.

Organisation of Blog

For easy reference, entries will be categorized (duh!). At this moment, the types of entries which you can expect are:-

  • Blog Administration – Involves the management, expansion etc. of this blog. From time to time, announcements would be made under this category.
  • Study Skills & Exam Techniques – A common problem we share, especially when you’re in the 1st Semester/Year, how on earth do you study law? Are you going to memorise each case word by word? How do you answer your exam questions? From time to time, I’ll share my findings on this matter.
  • From the Eyes of the Law Student – This category will be filled with comments on current issues, legally or otherwise. Since this blog is for Law Students, I wouldn’t really be writing on the political aspect. There are a plethora of blogs on politics on the internet. All you need to do is Google.
  • Outside Black-and-White – Look forward to entries on living and life skills during and after study. Studying Law isn’t just about going to classes and heading home. As a human being, you have certain needs and skills which you must acquire. After all, University is meant to prepare you for life.
  • From the Faculty – For those of you who’d like to share activities organised by your faculty/school, feel free to contact me so I can include them in this blog. Consider this free publicity, especially when you’re tight on budget. Will need the details to write up something alluring.
  • Applying the Law – As much as I would like to drop the lectures at the main gate, what’s the point of learning about law if you’re not going to apply it in life? To me, that’s the only thing which would make a dull programme more lively. In the future, I intend to invite more voluntary contributors to write on this area. Suggestions on applying Donoghue v Stevenson and Rylands v Fletcher as you live your daily life would be interesting. And when you do end up practicing, I’m more than certain it’ll be very handy for you.

Private Initiative

As a reminder, this From the Law Student’s Desk is a private initiative taken by a Law student. No money is involved unless you intend to advertise your service or product. While I may be studying in UiTM, the posts here are not influenced by or confined to that institution. This is a Law Students’ blog by a Law student for Law Students in Malaysia. Even so, a degree of censorship will be undertaken to prevent any conflict with any law enforced in Malaysia – especially the University and College University’s Act (AUKU).

(I see a lot of you are still visiting this page. Just be informed, this blog is no longer called From the Law Student’s Desk, it is now Reading Law. See here for more. – Admin)